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Often the thing holding someone back from buying from you is that they simply don’t understand how your service or product will help them.

No matter how much you try to explain how good it is or what it can do, they simply don’t care, don’t have time to understand and really have other problems to sort out.

So what are those other problems? What is causing them grief and how does your product or service help alleviate those problems?

Without a problem to solve, there is no product or service to buy.

Video can be a compelling and quick way to demonstrate how their problems can be solved with your solution.

Often my clients tell me how they were never able to get people to understand their value proposition. But once they had a compelling video, in a couple of minutes they were able to turn the client from being uninterested to being ready to buy.  And this works because with the video we are able to connect to the emotional issues that our customers are dealing with.

Taking the time to truly understand your customer’s problems is the shortcut to determining if your business can help them. So often we are focused on selling our product or service that we don’t take the time to understand what our customer truly needs.

You can keep knocking on the doors of potential customers but without truly understanding who they are and what they need, you will most likely keep getting it slammed in your face.

A well constructed, well-researched video can break the door down and convert that prospect into a raving fan. Video can quickly demonstrate what you provide and why it matters in a compelling and concise manner. So much information and emotion can be condensed into a creative video production, that it is a compelling way to engage.

Beware, however, as it is easy to fall into the trap of talking about what you do. Be clear on always relating it to how you are helping your audience. It is all about them and their problems. Your solution can be highlighted once you have clearly connected with them about their issues and concerns.

A major part of the video production process is getting clarity about the message and how to best deliver it. This all happens in the pre-production stage. It is a critical step and when rushed you can end up with a production that does not do justice to your business. So make sure you are clear on the message before you start.

If you are having trouble explaining your value to your target audience, then ask yourself if the video could be the solution you need.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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