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The performance of videos on social media varies widely due to several factors such as the platform, the video content, the target audience, and the overall strategy being implemented. However, it is generally considered the most effective and engaging format on social media for a few key reasons:

  • It’s more engaging than text or static imagery and invites comment, likes and shares.
  • Platforms prioritise video because they keep users on the site for longer.
  • Algorithms and shares can increase the reach of video content beyond existing followers.
  • Videos are more visually appealing and can convey information in a memorable way.
  • Video is flexible – long and short form content can be educational to entertaining and anywhere in between.
  • Video builds connection via storytelling and emotion.

But what about the numbers? How does video perform on social media and which platform is the best to use? Research by Wyzowl in 2023 shares these performance statistics from surveying marketers:

  • 87% of marketers attribute sales to their video marketing efforts.
  • Product videos tend to produce the best ROI, followed by educational videos and webinars.
  • 90% of marketers say video has helped them get new leads.

When it comes to which platform to use, it depends on the audience to be reached and the goal of the video. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with over 2 billion users per month and offers plenty of opportunity to optimise for visibility via search. Research suggests that 70% of YouTube viewers have made a purchase after seeing a brand on the platform and 77% of brands use it as their video hosting platform – with the ideal video length being reported as 10 minutes long. (sources: YouTube, MotionCue, The Social Shepherd and HubSpot, 2023).

Instagram is a great option if promoting products and increasing brand awareness is the goal because:

  • 50% of users have gone to a website to purchase after seeing an ad or video on Stories.
  • 70% of users swipe up on Stories to access a promoted website or product.
  • 60% of Story videos are watched with the sound on (source: Instagram, Earthweb 2023).

If reaching Gen Z (18-24 year olds) is the goal, TikTok is a good option with 44% of users saying it helps them discover new things and 74% are likely to seek more info on a product after viewing a dynamic showcase ad. Short videos and user generated content work best on this platform. (source: TikTok 2023)

Lastly, Facebook boast an audience of over 2 billion for their ad platform and 62% of users surveyed report being more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Stories. When it comes to video format, live videos tend to have a higher engagement rate than pre-recorded videos on this platform. (Source: Facebook, Meta 2018, Statistica 2021)

So whilst there is plenty to consider when putting a video marketing strategy together, the numbers show that including video in your social media strategy is an effective way to reach new target audiences and increase both leads and revenue.

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About Geoff Anderson

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