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As we settle into an isolated routine, video has never been more relevant as a communication tool. Many of our clients are updating their videos or finally getting their videos produced. This is an asset that is vital now and will be valuable well into the future.

Marketing departments are rethinking how to showcase their product and services to an isolated market.

Technology is quickly being adopted and people are just as quickly adapting.

An increasingly popular way to actively engage your audience is through live streaming of presentations. This allows you to present live on camera, share slides and video content and engage with the audience as they ask questions on the spot.

More than just a webinar, a live stream event uses production cameras to create a TV broadcast experience that engages the audience with the competency of the presentation.

At a time when you need to excite your audience and impress them online, you need to deliver a smooth and professional presentation.

With decades of experience in live event production, Sonic Sight is well equipped to deliver live streaming of your announcement, event or promotion. We can integrate multiple cameras, video rolls and slides to provide a captivating virtual event.

We can advise on which platform to use and how to maximise the engagement and outcome from the presentation.

The world is waiting for you online. Meet them where they are with a live streamed event.

To find out more about Sonic Sight’s live streaming services, give us a call on 02 9888 1110.


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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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