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Last week I presented to my son’s Year 6 class. I was there as part of their STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) studies. As video production slotted into the technology side of things I was asked to talk about it.

In preparing for the talk I thought what will be happening in the field of corporate video production in 2022 when my son leaves school.

Here are my five insights:

1. In-house video production studios
By 2022 pretty much every business that has a website today, will be equipped to produce their own video content in-house.

This may not be the full bells and whistles type of productions that we, at Sonic Sight make when promoting a business but it will certainly be reasonable quality productions that can be used to retain customers and engage staff.

2. Video will be the primary way to engage
Where we use email today, we will be using video in a few years time.
People will become more skilled at communicating via video. They will know how to film, edit, share and also present.

Announcements will be made via video. Email newsletters (if they still exist) will contain video and people will get better at presenting.

By 2017 80% of online content will be video according to Cisco, so it stands to reason this will keep increasing over the following five years.

3. Technology will improve to make it easier for people to film, capture and edit on the fly. Their phones will be a major part of the video production process.

New apps will allow phones to be much more sophisticated in terms of editing, live streaming, and vlogging. New video cameras will enable live streaming of content in a variety of situations.

4. School leavers will be expected to have high competencies in video production. Kids leaving school today know their way around PowerPoint and Keynote. In the following years, they will be masters of video production. They will understand the technicalities and the ones who know how to use that in conjunction with storytelling will be valuable assets in the business.

Hopefully, they’ll also appreciate how important it is to get the audio right.

5. New roles will emerge for video creators in businesses. The titles will vary – Director of Video Strategy, Manager of Video Content, Video Content Producer.

These people will manage the communications strategy for the organization. They will determine the style of content that should match the brand and stipulate various production standard guidelines.

This is happening in many businesses today and really any business that is using video as a way of engaging with their communities is already on their way.

As businesses embrace the power of video they start to hit some of the step learning curves that are in their way – how to make videos that look and sound professional, how do you engage your audience effectively, where should you spend your money so you don’t waste thousands on equipment you won’t use?

We run a one day workshop to help businesses learn the essentials of producing videos in-house. Our next series of workshops will be in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in October 2016.

Check out to find out more. Tickets go on sale shortly and we are limiting it to 20 people per workshop. If you are interested let me know so we can hold a spot for you.

If you are looking for some creative solutions to get your clients to take the critical next step, give us a call on

About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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