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Body language and Presentation expert, Michael Kelly, provides his insights as a guest contributor.

Consider this. Whatever can be seen, will be seen – and will form an impression and a potential for loss or gain.
Leaving aside the perceptions of your voice, your words and your message structure, when you’re presenting to a camera, below are face and body language techniques to ‘be well seen’.

Smile engagingly

If you look neutral you’ll come across as ‘dead’ through a camera.
A practical way to do this to imagine that you’re greeting and talking to a good friend. This will ‘light up’ your eyes and face.
Make steady eye contact
This will avoid the shifty-eyed look.


Keep your gestures high, tight and definite. If they’re low and ‘flighty’ they will lack impact. If they aren’t ‘tight’ they may go wider than the camera frame and not be seen.
When standing, your default ‘arm posture’ is with your arms relaxed by your side. (this will feel unnatural, but will look fine).
When seated at a table, the default posture is with your arms uncrossed and still, in front of your body.
When speaking a strong statement pair it with a ‘thumb to index finger’ hand gesture placed in front of your body.

With the above techniques, initially, focus your practice on just one technique. Importantly, practice first in safe interactions (ie. Not ‘A’ class).

Michael Kelly is the owner and director of Kelly Speech Communication.
Michael’s key areas of work are:
– Business pitch consulting
– Executive personal communication coaching
– Corporate communication coaching
Michael believes that how you listen, speak and present yourself and your messages, can give you a substantial, competitive edge in business.
Michael is based in Sydney, Australia and you can connect with him through:
His website:
Twitter: @speechkelly
Ph: 0418 215 049

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About Geoff Anderson

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