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For over 25 years Geoff has been producing corporate videos. He delivers entertaining video production workshops to help businesses learn how to leverage the power of video for their communications.

Geoff delivers a variety of workshops, presentations, webinars and in house training around video production.

Associations also benefit from his trademark entertaining presentations when wanting to educate their members on incorporating video into their business strategy.


Geoff has written two books relating to the power of video, both of which are Amazon Best Sellers.

Shoot Me Now

Outlines the key things you need to know to create impressive looking business videos. It condenses 20 years of corporate video experience into 200 pages.

Watch Me Now

Is the next step in video production. Once you have your impressive video, you need people to watch it. This book looks at what makes a video engaging and how to share it to your audience, how to measure the engagement and how to know what you are really measuring.

CLIENT reviews

Andrew Griffiths

Geoff Anderson is the person you want when it comes to talking about building your business and your brand with video. He is smart, he gets the challenges that most of us face and he has a lot of practical advice that he can share in any speaking environment. If I wanted someone at my conference to talk about the power of video and how to capture it – Geoff certainly gets my two thumbs up rating

Andrew Griffiths
International Public Speaker

Glen Carlson

Geoff is one of the best presenters I’ve met. Within minutes he had our audience of 600 skeptical entrepreneurs in the palm of his hand. Articulate, funny and able to present valuable content in a short amount of time. Brilliant!

Glen Carlson
Director, DENT