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Bikies are scary people. Unless you get to know them.

Last weekend I had the pleasure to donate our services to create another video for the Black Dog Ride. This one-day event happens in multiple locations throughout Australia to raise awareness for depression and suicide prevention. Over 300 passionate riders turned up on a wet and windy day at Penrith, near Sydney to support the cause, spread the message and raise money for Lifeline. They were generous with their time and vulnerable to their issues.

Having discussions about mental health helps people manage and cope. It removes the stigma and helps people realize they are not alone.

Here’s the video from last weekend. If you are so inclined you can find out more at www.blackdogride.com.au or you can help the cause by donating here:

It takes a village to raise a ride….  Thanks go out to all these people who gave of their time and energies to make the day a success!

Black Dog Ride HQ : Fiona, Chris & Rhonda – so calm under pressure !

Organising Crew : David Peach, Victoria Graham, Nathan Gyanashwar, Poppy Krallidis

Checkin Crew : Lifeline – David, Justine, Louis, Edwina & Bruce for being calm and unflappable; Harry Gyanashwar for IT Tech Support..
Merchandise Sales – Kristina Klaver – the Mistress of upsell…
Raffle Sales : Daeva Binah and Sam Owen – nice handbag Sam….

Road Crew and Penrith site volunteers:

Support Truck drivers: Kym Heffernan in the silver Blunderbuss & Keryn Ghosh in the Green Ninja

Speakers: David Peters (Lifeline) & Rob White for reminding us why we do this…

Parking Crew : Sebastiaan de Jonge, Duncan White, Michael Pears – ever ready to stand in the rain and point!

Corner markers, Road crew and Pack Captains : Samantha Bills, Daniel Bills, Jason Kennedy, Bobby Rosales, Karen Marr, John Terzis, Daeva Binah, Sam Owen, James Taylor, Perry Kiourkas, Steven Chang, Arthur Osborn, Amelia Mayhew. Thank you all for getting us across the course safely!

Photography: – for making us all look spectacular on Facebook
Eden Connell – Zoom in with Eden
John Keogh – Keogh’s Vision
Videography: Geoff, Kellie & Tom from Sonic Sight – 3rd year running for these fine humans. We’re privileged to have your support guys. Thanks.

Food & Drinks:
At Penrith – Swish Coffee (Iwan Wongso) ably assisted by Ross Saunders and Amy Anglund
Grey Gums – Kim Grace and the fine crew at Grey Gums Cafe for making sure we all got fed fast with great music!
Event partners and Sponsors :
Lifeline Western Sydney,
Panthers Word of Entertainment
Southern Cross Motorcycle Detailing
RS Components
First Aid for Motorcyclists,
Motosmart Australia
Montbell Camping Equipment
D2D Lighting and accessories
Grey Gums International Cafe on Putty Road

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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