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Shooting a professional video series on copywriting, ghostwriting and editing for content creation agency Cavalletti Communications

  I’ve written previously about Casual and Community quality videos. Today I want to address the third level, Commercial quality videos. Commercial quality is the high end promotional videos that showcase your organisation in its best light. They are impressive. They could be corporate videos or TV commercials or Facebook video ads. Traditionally these types of videos are used to showcase your organisation in its best light, to build brand awareness, provoke an action or address an important issue with an appropriate tone. They are usually scripted, and might use an actor or key staff/clients who are interviewed or being filmed with a teleprompt to help them deliver specific lines. These tend to be produced by professionals who are in the business of creating professional videos every day. These production companies have the experience and the equipment required to deliver an impressive result. Of course many new production companies have sprung up over the last five years so do your due diligence before choosing who to work with. A professional crew will film additional b-roll footage to enhance the message. These videos can form part of a strategic message or campaign for an organisation and ideally will attract more clients.

Promotional videos fit within this category and some types of videos that can be produced include: • Product related videos ⁃ Pitch promo video – showcase benefits of your offering ⁃ Explainer video – demonstrate the problem your customer has and the solution you provide • Services ⁃ Showcase range of services offered ⁃ Demonstrate benefits of your services/solutions • Client related videos ⁃ Case Studies – their experience of using your services/product ⁃ Testimonials ⁃ Success stories of your clients – their wins are your wins • Latest news/updates • Highlights of live events • Recruitment video – LinkedIn – demonstrate culture and ideal applicants • Strategic Plan – showcase the vision for the organisation • Staff profile – rapport building, branding • Annual Reports – less paper, executive summary featuring Chair or CEO • Exhibition video – great for tradeshow. This needs to rely more visuals than audio • Community Relations – tell the stories about charities, causes that are supported by the organisation • Award submissions – enhance your brand with impressive successes. • Company story – tell the journey of the organisation and what it stands for. • Fundraising Videos – the ask and the thank you.

Prepare a proper brief for the production company. You are more likely to get the result you are after if you are all on the same page in terms of audience, key message, budget, timeframe, type of style and duration. The type of things to consider when producing a commercial video are: 1. Who is your organisation? What do you provide and who do you sell it to? What is your point of difference? 2. What is the video for? – What’s its purpose? A specific event, online marketing, website SEO? 3. Who is the target audience? – be as specific as you can be. 4. What is the key message or call to action in the video? What do you want it to achieve? 5. What is the duration of the video? Remember less is more. If need be, make several short ones. 6. What is the timeframe for the production? Do you need it next week, next month, next year? 7. What style are you expecting? If you can provide examples of the look and style you want, it will help ensure your quote is relevant to your expectations. 8. What are the deliverables? What do you expect at the end? An online video? A video to embed into a PowerPoint presentation? 9. What’s your budget? Many don’t want to reveal this as they feel they may be offering more than they might have to pay. However, if you do know what to expect cost wise then by stipulating the budget you can then compare different creative approaches and choose the best option based on the value they bring to the project. Also be open to talking through your ideas with the companies providing quotes. Often they will be able to offer suggestions that add value to the production. Point 7, What Style are you expecting is very important. Sometimes people know what they have in mind, but don’t express it to the producers. I have actually had clients show me a video they like after we have finished filming and ask me if their video can look like that. I have to point out that given we have completed the filming we would need to start again. Time and money will be saved if you invest in the planning, communication and discuss outcomes, styles and the other points above before you start going into production.


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About Geoff Anderson

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