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A good video is just part of an overall marketing strategy. It needs to be part of a plan to engage, convert and retain an audience.

Video has become an incredibly popular way to engage an audience.
There are good reasons for this.
96% of consumers say videos help them with their buying decisions.

77% of consumers believe that companies that create videos are more engaged with them and 73% are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video that explains it.

Here are 10 ways to ensure your video strategy works for you.

1. Know your purpose

Too often I see organizations talking about making a video without clearly understanding why they are doing that. Being clear on what you are trying to achieve drives the entire production process.

2. Don’t sell, be helpful

People will watch and share your videos when you help them. Share you knowledge and experience and it will be passed around. You will position your expertise and be seen as a helpful contributor. This will build trust and community. Think “how can I provide valuable content?”

3. One message per video

The days of 10 minute or even 5-minute videos are gone. If you find yourself trying to fit too much information into a video, you will lose your audience. Focus on one message per video. The way in which we communicate has changed. People want easy to consume bite-size pieces of information. Keep your videos simple and short.

4. Let go of the idea of making just one video.

Consider how to create more engagement by creating more videos.
Develop a storyline of content that can be rolled out over time in a series of videos. This will help build your audience and reinforce the value you bring to the marketplace.

5. Know your audience

Too often I see clients go off on tangents with their videos and forget about the audience. Be clear right from the outset who should be watching this and what do I need to share with them. The more focused you are on your audience the more cut through your video will have.

6. It’s not about you

Too often I see my clients wanting to showcase what they do and how they do it. It’s very common and it’s often where I help my clients refocus on the real issues the viewer is interested in. We are all too close to our businesses and it helps to have an outsider show us the big picture issues that the viewers are more interested in. Talking about yourself is not going to build engagement. Showing how your services or products help the viewer will.

7. Have a call to action

Just like every video should have a purpose, there should be a call to action at the end of the video. The video should direct people to the next step. It may not be to make a purchase but it might to be try a sample, make a phone call, visit a website, watch another video. Be clear before you start, what is the next step I want the viewer to take. If they’ve watched to the end of the video the chances are you have them on side and they will be responsive to your request.

8. How will it be seen?

Having a video that no one sees is, unfortunately, a waste of time and money. Before making your video have a think about how you can get it seen. It’s important to have a plan that extends beyond having the video on your website. Videos are a powerful way to engage an audience and can bring people to your website if distributed well. Check out this post on 30 ways to share your video.

9. Repurposing opportunities

A video is rich media. It can be reused in many ways. Tweet key points, transcribe the content to create blogs (use a blog as scripts for videos), extract the audio for those who prefer to listen than watch. Create stories around the video in articles that reference it.

10. Measure and repeat

What gets measured gets managed. There are a variety of ways to measure video engagement – the number of views, number of clicks. Ultimately though your best form of measurement is based on the call to action. How much action was taken because of the video and how has that helped your organization?
Then when you see what is working, review and redo.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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