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pre-production planning

Pre-production is the planning stages of video production and during a lockdown it is the ideal time to get all your ducks lined up.

Pre-production includes concept development, script writing, securing locations and locking in a shoot date when everyone is available. During the busyness of normal life, these things often get pushed back until they become urgent.

The more time you can put into pre-production, the better the outcome will be for your videos. Now is the time to plan and schedule and develop some great creative ideas for your videos.

The first step in a video strategy is to come up with a concept that will effectively engage your audience, deliver your message and encourage the viewer to take action.

When you have a winning concept then the next step is to refine this into a script. This is where you flesh out the concept, get clarity on what will be seen in the video and what will be said. The script should detail not just what will be said during the video but most importantly what will be seen at each stage. I have seen scripts with no visual cues at all. So that’s more like a radio play. Or ones with one scene for about 30 seconds of commentary.

You need to be thinking of visuals for each few seconds of the video.

Once a script is finalised – usually after several drafts and input from the various stakeholders, then prepare the detailed shot list.

This determines what scenes need to be filmed; where the filming will take place; who is required for the filming and what props are required. It will also indicate from a technical perspective what camera equipment and crew are required.

By this stage you should have settled on a filming date. There is nothing like a deadline to get everyone organised and focused on what is required.

Prior to filming send out a call sheet. This will detail the essential information that people will need to know. It includes contact details (phone numbers) for everyone on the shoot, equipment required, location, timing, parking, general overview of the filming and weather implications (if necessary).

So, if you are currently sitting at home wondering what to focus on, then start planning your videos. There is plenty of pre-production work to keep you busy.

If you want more details about the planning part of video productions check out my first book – Shoot Me Now

Stay safe.

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About Geoff Anderson

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