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Now that everybody has a video camera in their back pocket, editing tools on their phones and easy access to upload a video to social networks, is it really worth spending money on a professional video?

We’ve previously talked about how to get the most from your DIY videos and, depending on the outcomes required, there is always a place for them.

When one of the outcomes desired is credibility and professionalism though, it may be worth putting some investment into the video campaign to gain the following benefits:

Quality – professional videos will typically have higher production values and better editing

You can charge more – quality is often aligned with value. When you provide a high quality video people will understand that you are not the cheapest in the market and will be prepared to pay more for your product or service.

Audience perception – a well-produced video can help build trust in a brand or business from creating a positive, expert impression

Impact – a well-produced video will capture attention quickly, and be visually engaging

Effectiveness – a professionally produced video will have been through a planning process to be able to effectively convey a message or story to highlight the features and benefits of the product or service. Doing this well typically leads to better outcomes.

Longevity: High-quality videos can have a longer shelf life and can be reused across different platforms and campaigns, providing long-term value for your investment.

Competitive Advantage – In competitive markets, a professionally produced video can differentiate your offering from others and make your brand stand out. By providing valuable content and emphasising your unique values and strengths, your business will stand out as a leader in the minds of your customers.

SEO and Social Sharing – Engaging videos are more likely to be shared, increasing your brand’s reach and visibility. Professional videographers are well practised in what works to make videos stand out.

Experience – making and editing videos can be time consuming. Utilising the services of someone who is experienced in both things can save you time and effort in the long run.

Ultimately, your budget and overall video marketing strategy will come into play when deciding whether or not to pay a professional. Sometimes, simpler or user-generated content may be more appropriate depending on your audience and message, and sometimes it won’t be.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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