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When Facebook launched Facebook Live, it threw $50Million at it, to promote it. That was back in April 2016.

Four years later the hype has died down about this next big thing and now is there really a place for Facebook Live and if so what is it?

Streaming live events through Facebook is still happening and has its place. It leverages the video platform that Facebook has become.
Events can include product launches and major announcements. Just be wary of having any copyrighted music playing during your live stream. The Facebook algorithms will kick in and shut it down.

Community engagement
If you want to engage with your community then Facebook live allows you to broadcast and interact at the same time. It is however a bit of a juggling act. On the one hand you are trying to deliver a message and on the other, you need to be checking the feed to see what comments and questions are coming in.
If you are using Facebook live for community engagement, then you really need to have a plan about how you will engage with the community.

Answering questions live needs to be broad so that you don’t go off track having a one on one conversation with someone while everyone else is waiting for something relevant to them.

Conduct an interview
Is there an industry expert that can add value to your community? See if you can get them on a chat to talk about their insights. Ideally promote this in advance to maximise the audience engagement.

Set a regular time slot for the broadcasts
Once you get in your groove with your live broadcasts, set a regular time for them and stick to it. People will expect to see you then and start to tune in.

As with all video strategies it’s critical to be clear on what is the point of your video? Are you building an audience, selling a product, promoting a webinar, encouraging visits to a website or one of the many other objectives? It’s only when you are clear about that, can you determine if your strategy is actually of any use?

My colleague and master marketing coach, Edward Zia is a prolific video user. He kindly unpacked his insights in a section in my new book Watch Me Now.

Edward used Facebook Live for a several months as part of his video strategy. Over time however he noticed that he actually had more engagement from short (less than a minute) videos. These videos generally have a single clear message that is useful and valuable for his audience.

They are simply produced on his phone and the entire process of filming and uploading takes about 10 minutes a video. He distributes these on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Edward’s strategy is to stay front of mind for his community and provide useful insights that reinforce his expertise and value. This in turn has converted into a thriving offline and online business.

He has built up his LinkedIn audience to over 26,000 and his Facebook followers is also significant.

As always, it’s about the strategy. At a time when attention is the most valuable commodity online, there is no time for rambling intros on Facebook live while you wait for the audience to build before you make your main announcement.

People’s time is limited and you need to respect that. Short sharp messages are a much more effective way to engage with your community. Although recorded videos don’t provide for immediate engagement, you can maintain ongoing engagement through the comments that accompany the video.

So, save the live videos for moments that actually warrant it, but keep the short, recorded videos for building an audience and engaging the community.

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About Geoff Anderson

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