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Changes are happening at Instagram as they recognise the power of video.

In a recent post by Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, he announced that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing platform and is now a video sharing platform.

Years ago Instagram adopted the IGTV (Instagram TV) channel as a way to accommodate the need for video content. It is clear that this has not been enough. Although it allowed people to follow video content, there has always been that extra click to continue watching.

Based on what Adam Mosseri has said it is clear that video needs to be foremost in the viewers feed. It needs to be part of the fundamental experience.

This need to incorporate more video content is a result of the rise of TikTok, the continual growth of YouTube, including YouTube Shorts and of course the high amount of video content in Facebook feeds.

Mosseri indicates that over the coming months we will see a variety of changes as Instagram looks at different ways to accommodate video more into the platform.

You may have noticed that landscape videos are more common on Instagram these days. The platform is no longer prioritising vertical videos and has accepted that landscape videos are not going anywhere – which I must admit is good news for me. I prefer landscape videos as a storytelling medium.

People often ask me what is the best platform to post their videos on. The answer is in two parts: 1. Where is your audience at the moment (that is, where are your followers) and 2. Where are the prospective clients likely to be found?

If your current audience/followers are not your prospective customers then you might want to look closely at point 2. If your prospective customers are hanging around in Instagram then yes, definitely look at showcasing your videos there.

They are ready and willing to play your videos.

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About Geoff Anderson

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