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I see many businesses make promotional videos. They make great videos and the videos have an impact. However, one video is no longer enough. Content is king. You need to be generating regular helpful content to engage with your community. So how does this apply to video content?

The trick is to have useful valuable content that you can share regularly with your community. This will help position you as the expert in your field. The more regularly you can post the content the more seriously people will take you. And of course, you will be front of mind when people are thinking about using a service you provide.

In a recent survey by Animoto, 77% of consumers believe that companies that use video are more engaged with them and 76% of people are watching videos on their smartphones every week. Think about it, if people have time to play with their phone then they are distracted from immediate work pressures and you can grab their attention.

So when thinking about that video you need for your new website, stop and also consider what is your video content marketing strategy for the year. It’s about quantity.

I’m sure many people would think “I can’t afford to make a full-on promotional video every month”, let alone every week. Fair enough. You shouldn’t have to. There is a smarter way.

Here’s five tips for creating affordable quality video content that you can share every week.

1. Film a year’s worth of content in a one day
Schedule a day to film at least 12 pieces of the camera. These pieces should be only a couple of minutes long each, and full of useful valuable information for your target audience. It’s not about selling. It’s about engaging with your target audience and building your profile and expertise.

2. Edit the clips into 12 videos
Add a consistently branded top and tail to the videos and distribute these as part of a monthly email campaign.

3. Screen Capture content
If you give presentations then break them down into short 2-3 minute topics and using screen capture software like Camtasia or Screenflow record the slides while you talk about each point. Add a logo or your branded top and tail for extra polish.

4. Spread the word (and the pictures)
Use your different social media channels to distribute your content regularly. Most people won’t see it the first time around. So you can repeat often. Sites like Twitter can handle your video of the month being tweeted a few times a week. LinkedIn can be done a few times a month as can Facebook. Many would argue you could repeat these posts even more often.

5. Film any events relevant to your business
If you are at an expo film the activity or film any presentations you make. Anytime you are in front of an audience use it to enhance your reputation. Often events will be filmed so make sure you ask for a copy of the recording. You can release the entire recording or just drip feed some key points from the event.

At first, it might seem overwhelming to create a year’s worth of content, but when you have a plan it’s not so hard.

How are you using video to engage with your community?

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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