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Having a video marketing strategy that works

Okay, so the science is in. Well, the statistics are. Video works. It engages. People are more inclined to buy after watching a product video. It goes on…

So what do you need to get started with your video production strategy?

  1. What videos are you going to be sharing?

    Before you rush out and spends thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment, take a moment to pause and think about your video production plans. What videos will you be creating and sharing? Sharing is an important part of your plan. The more helpful and relevant your information the more likely it is that people will engage with it and share it with their network.
    Take a moment to consider what look, style, information, themes you will be creating. Make it valuable to your audience. Pushing out information that is trying to sell your services won’t work unless you are solving a problem for your viewers.

  2. Who is your audience for your videos

    It’s easy to talk about ourselves. The trouble is other people don’t generally care. You need to be clearly focused on your audience and their needs. What problems are you solving for them? Knowing exactly who you are presenting to and what are their concerns will help you create videos that they are interested in. Keep asking yourself who is watching this and why does it matter to them.

  3. Do it yourself or get professional help

    It’s never been easier to create videos. We walk around with an amazing high definition camera on our phones.The technology allows us to film videos and post them live. There is no excuse not be making videos regularly. Of course the trade off is your brand can be compromised if the quality of the videos is seen to be amateur. So should you do it yourself or get professional help. The answer is yes and yes.
    If you are sending out content to an audience that is already engaged with you then you have some room to move. You can make decent videos simply using your phone. If the purpose of your video is to keep your community engaged then they will be forgiving about some things, but they will never forgive you if the audio is bad. Just sayin’
    If however, you are wanting to impress a new audience and convert them to your community, then it needs to look and sound great. That’s where a professional can help.
    Of course, using a professional will cost more, but it will save your time and the quality will be better. It will save time because editing takes ages. It’s a real time suck. If you hand the job over to a professional they will commit to getting the job done. They may spend two days to complete the task. If you are trying to do it yourself, it will get squeezed in between other projects and haunt you for weeks and weeks, until you hate it.

  4. One of many videos?

    So how do you make it cost effective to use a professional video team? My advice is to plan ahead. Think of 12 videos you can produce. Film them all at once then you can roll out the content over the year. The cost per video comes down significantly because you are only paying for the filming and all the equipment once.
    You can still create your own videos on your phone to keep engagement happening with your community if you need to connect with them more regularly or with something that is topical.

  5. What do you make the videos about?

    Here are some ideas for different videos you can produce:
    Case studies: These are great because they tell stories from people just like your target audience about how your product or service helped them. It shows the audience how their lives can be improved if they use your service.
    Why videos: These videos give an insight into why you do what you do. They show some personality and allow the audience to feel connected with you.
    Common issues: What are some of the problems you are solving for your clients every day. Tell them about the solution. This will help build trust with you.
    New breakthroughs: What changes are happening that you can share with your audience? Show them that you are a leader in your industry and up to date with the latest advancements.
    For more suggestions check out this blog

  6. Share the videos wide and far (and often).

    A video is only any good if people see it. Make sure your videos are actively distributed. Here are my top ten suggestions on how you should distribute your videos:
    1. Host it on YouTiube (and Vimeo)
    2. Embed it on your website
    3. Add it to your email signature
    4. Post it on LinkedIn
    5. Upload it directly to Facebook
    6. Ask friends and colleagues to share it (tag them)
    7. Include it in an email newsletter
    8. Send it to prospective clients before a meeting
    9. Include people in the video, who will then share it
    10. Keep sharing it. Don’t assume people saw it the first time around

  7. Get started making videos

    My dad used to say the hardest thing about anything is the start. It’s very true. So often our fear of the unknown holds us back. Take a breath and start. Find out what you don’t know. A video isn’t going anywhere. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be reaping the benefits.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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