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Native videos on Facebook are four times more likely to be engaged with than providing a link, according to analytics provided by Newswhip.

Native Video

That is, uploading videos directly onto Facebook, as opposed to providing a link to YouTube or Vimeo is clearly the best practice. So forget about posting links to videos and upload your MP4 video files instead.

Of the top 10,000 videos reviewed, embedded videos count for just 42 of those videos (.42%), as opposed to 9,745 for native videos (97.45%). Facebook live videos were 2.13%.

More Shares

Native videos are also more likely to be shared.

As you can see in the graph above, Native Videos on average are twice as likely to be shared than Embedded Videos.

Live Video attracts the most comments

If you are wanting to start a conversation in real time with your video content then Live Videos are the way to go. This makes sense since Live videos are all about real time engagement and encouraging viewers to participate.

How long should it be?

The ideal length of a video will depend on the content and the audience. The research found that the average length of the top 10,000 videos was 132 seconds.

However of the top 100 videos the average duration was over 2 minutes. A lot of the top 100 videos were “how-to” videos so the audience was interested and engaged. It really depends on the relevance of the video for your audience.

One of the videos was 35 minutes long- a recap of a wrestling match. It still captured over 3.5 million views.

Possibly the key takeaway here is if you are creating promotional content, can you twist the message so it is framed more of a “how-to” content rather than look at us content?

Emoji and Video

When posting a video there is room to provide a description and title about your video. 58% of the top 100 videos on Facebook included an Emoji in their title or description.


The key takeaway I want you to get from this article is always upload MP4 videos to Facebook if you want people to watch it, share it and engage with it.

This is a must do.

If you are doing a live event such as a fundraising day, then consider using Facebook Live as a way to ramp up engagement. And have a play with using Emojis when posting your videos. Have some fun with it.

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About Geoff Anderson

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