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Producing videos we are sometimes told exactly what is required. This can work well when the client is well versed in the video production process.

However for those not fully familiar with video production it can be much more effective to simply discuss the outcome you are looking for.

One of our clients needed to maximise the number of attendees at an event. They suggested a video that would make the 200 prospective attendees feel engaged about the event and want to attend.

They knew that if they could attract attendees these people would convert to customers.

In an age of automation and generic content I suggested they could stand out by personalising each video. They loved the idea.

Each video began with a customised line such as – “Hi Abigail we’re looking forward to seeing at our upcoming event…” The rest of the video showcased what to expect and why it was worth attending.

Being open to collaborating allowed our client and us to create a better outcome. As experts in the video production process, we have decades of experience and creative ideas to bring to the table.

What we need from our clients is a clear indication of what they are trying to achieve from the production. We need to understand where are they heading strategically and then we can add value to the process.

If a client stipulates what should be filmed, how it should be filmed, what voice over goes with it, then they will only get that result. It might be enough or it might a great video that has been stifled by limitations.

Unless you are making videos every day, you are unlikely to know about all the possibilities of what can be achieved. By working in a collaborative way we can create amazing outcomes.

This video I referenced above ended up generating a 200 times return on investment for our client. It was a great success and a satisfying experience for all involved.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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