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The other week after getting the car checked for its pink slip I found a letter from the service centre on the passenger seat. It was a great marketing from a small business. It wasn’t until I was back home that I read it.

It was a simple letter that acknowledged I was a local resident who hadn’t used this garage before (I had just moved into the area). It then went on to explain that doing a pink slip check was not a profitable part of their business. At $38 for half an hour’s work, I could understand that.

This immediately placed me into a feeling of reciprocity. The least I could do from here was read the rest of the letter.

It then went on to explain what other services they could offer, how they were surprisingly cost competitive and had an extensive service centre hidden from public view.

They then asked a very pertinent question: “Why am I telling you this?” and then answered itself with another question: “Well how else would you know?”

And this is what struck me. How well do we communicate to our customers what else we can do for them? It would be easy for me to think of this garage as somewhere to visit once a year for a pink slip and not consider what else they could do.

How often do our customers pigeonhole us for the one service they use us for without being aware of complimentary services we also offer.

What ways can you explain to your customers the other services or products you have?

Andrew Griffiths recently posted an article in about how to use your invoices for marketing. This includes explaining what else you do.

How easy would it be after servicing a customer to follow up with the short email that outlines the other services you provide?

We include this paragraph in our proposals to give an insight into the range of services we provide:
“Sonic Sight provides the complete range of services for video productions. This includes concept development, creative treatments, script writing, pre-production, casting, location sourcing, filming, directing, interviewing, editing, animations, special effects, production of online videos and multi-camera coverage of seminars and events.
We will be happy to provide some of these services for this production.”
It’s a start but I’ve been inspired by this recent experience and will be looking for more opportunities to educate my clients.

What techniques do you use?

If you are looking for some creative solutions to get your clients to take the critical next step, give us a call on

About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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