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This promotional video for Ford Mustang is carefully disguised as a dating prank video.

It has all the right elements – a voyeuristic dating sequence with a beautiful girl and a variety of guys. The early stages of romance is always a hook in any storytelling experience.

Then the twist when she takes them for a drive in her new car. Some of the guys are keen to show their macho side and give her some tips on how to drive. It turns out she’s a stunt car driver.

So now we are fascinated to watch their reactions to her wild driving. This is the prank. It’s a bit of fun.

It draws us in because we are happy to watch and enjoy the ride. We do not feel like we are being sold to. That critical aspect helps build the rapport. We have our commercial defenses down because we want to be watching this for our own enjoyment.

This entertainment value is what makes a good video reach viral proportions.

And it’s only at the very end that the brand’s logo appears.

It’s fun, it has some twists, it’s a prank and judging by the 10 million+ views in the last couple of weeks, it’s working.

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About Geoff Anderson

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