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Videos are a powerful way to engage your audience and making videos can be complicated and costly. When you factor in cameras, lights, microphones, it all adds up.

Here are five types of videos you can make without having to film anything.

1. Screen capture video

If you are wanting to demonstrate a process or showcase a website, screen capturing works a treat. There are plenty of programs in the marketplace that allow you to screencast. On a PC you can use Camtasia or Movavi.

I’m on a Mac and love Screenflow.

Not only do these programs allow you to capture what’s happening on the screen, but you can also add effects such as enlarging the mouse cursor and highlighting it when it clicks on something.

Also, these programs are quite sophisticated editing programs in their own right. You can import other footage, add titles, add music, add effects and transitions. While these programs are not as high end as something like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, they are a great starting point for anyone wanting to create video content and do screen captures.

2. Slide Presentations

Another camera-less video you can create is a PowerPoint (or Keynote on a Mac) presentation. If you already have a presentation then you can export it as a movie file. Add a narrative or some music to bring it to life.

Both PowerPoint and Keynote include an option to export your presentation as a movie. You can set the timings and simply export. Or you can record it as you present it. You can also record a commentary on the programs.

In Keynote you can access the commentary feature via Play> Record Slideshow. Once recorded you can export the recording via File>Export to>Quicktime>Slideshow Recording

In PowerPoint you can record commentary via the Add Media option or via Slide Show> Record Slide Show.

If you use any of these options to record commentary, I’d recommend you have a microphone plugged in. If you rely on the inbuilt microphone then it will also pick up any fan noise coming from your computer and it won’t sound great. It’d be best to do some test recordings along the way.

3. Stock Footage

Quite impressive videos can be created without filming by using footage that has been shot before. There are plenty of stock footage libraries which provide impressive visuals.

With a great soundtrack and professional voice over you can impress your viewers with an engaging video that captures their attention.

Stock footage libraries include:
Adobe Stock



And there are plenty of others. Just do a search for Stock Footage.

4. Animations/explainer videos

You can engage your audience with a video that relates complicated information in a compelling way using animation. There are an array of animation styles to suit your message and your budget. Animations are handy when you don’t have a lot of real images to use to demonstrate your product. Or if you want to condense a complicated service or process into something easier to understand. Sometimes animated visuals can clarify things for your audience.

Animations are often used for explainer videos which demonstrate why people should use your product or service.

Here’s a whiteboard animation we did to explain the Collective Advantage.

5. Photos to tell a story

Sometimes you may have some photos you want to use to tell your story. Photos can provide a high impact on video even though the images aren’t moving. This works especially well when you include a stirring soundtrack.

You can even create some impressive effects simply by outputting the photos using the built-in features of Photos (Mac). Select Photos>Slideshow. In seconds you will have impressive videos blending your different images together. This works brilliantly if you don’t need a specific timing and order for your images. If however, you want to use each photo to demonstrate a point then you will want to edit them using one of the editing programs.

Just a reminder for video: always shoot your photos in landscape format.

What other videos are you making without having to use a camera?

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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