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The quality of your videos will depend on the audience and the purpose. Not every corporate video needs to be a Hollywood quality blockbuster (oh, but if we had those budgets to work with …).

I often talk about three levels of video production:
Casual, Community and Commercial.

Casual videos can be created on your phone and are often simple productions shared on social media and in a sense are “disposable”

Commercial quality videos are the high quality productions that are designed to attract more sales, raise funds or secure attendees at events.

Community quality videos are the “in between”. These videos are ideal to engage with an existing audience.

This audience can be staff, customers, suppliers. For the schools we work with, the audience would be staff, students, parents, alumni and suppliers.

With community videos you are not necessarily trying to sell but you are looking to connect and maintain engagement with your community.

The purpose of these videos is to keep your community informed and up to date.

Some types of videos you could share with your community are:

Latest announcements
Staff Profile – give some personality to the team
FAQs – what common questions keep coming up that you can address?
Thanks for attending an event
Thanks for donating to a cause
Highlights of an event – include acknowledgement to sponsors
Industry updates to your community
Recordings of live presentations
Year in review for the team – what has been achieved

Depending on the complexity some community videos can be produced in house. However they need to address the fundamentals of filming:

1. Audio needs to be clear and well recorded
2. Framing: you need to have the head at the top of the frame
3. Background needs to be suitable for the shot
4. Steady camera. Avoid distracting camera movement.
5. The subject needs to be lit appropriately.

Of course while tackling video production like this in house is doable, the editing takes time. Many people try it once and shy away from doing it again. Having systems and processes in place, the right equipment and the right people will make it easier.

Of course that’s where we can help as well. If you are looking to create more engaging video content for your community more regularly then please get in touch.


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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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