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Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation. People trust people who can vouch for a supplier or service. Hearing it from someone who has used the service is better than any ad or promotion.

And we can achieve that with video through case studies. Case studies are told from the customer’s perspective. They unpack the story behind the product or service as it applies to the end user.

Case studies are an extremely powerful tool in your marketing toolkit because you are not the one doing the promotion and selling, your customer is.

Sometimes people think of case studies and testimonials as the same thing. I don’t think so. Typically a testimonial will declare that ABC Pty Ltd does a great job and provides a great service. That’s a useful message, but it is easy to imagine the client behind the camera prompting the customer to say such things.

A case study provides the space for the customer to tell their story and the journey they went on. Typically it would explain why they needed the product or service. It would then outline what product or service was provided, what was the experience like working with ABC Pty Ltd and how their business or life has improved because of this transaction. Finally we would hear how they are feeling about having used ABC Pty Ltd.

My secret (not so secret anymore) formula for a case study interview follows this format:
– What was the challenge you (or your business) was having to deal with?
– What was the solution provided by ABC Pty Ltd?
– How has this solution transformed you (or your business)?
– How do you feel now that this has happened?

See if you can spot this format in this case study we did about automated guided vehicles for our client, Dematic.

It is interesting to hear from people or businesses who have the same needs as us and to see how their problem was solved effectively.

Typically a good case study video will include visuals that reinforce the message that is being described. The more relevant visuals you can show instead of just the talking head of the customer, the better. This is storytelling.

Finally, return to the original purpose of the case study and add a call to action at the end telling your audience what to do next. That could be directing them to your website, encouraging them to contact you for a discussion or offering a promotion if they respond within a certain time frame. Be clear about the next step your viewer should take, also
keeping in mind how long you want to use the video for as this will influence any time-sensitive offers.

If you are looking for more business and have some happy customers, then let’s talk about telling their story in a compelling way using a case study video.

If you are looking for some creative solutions to get your clients to take the critical next step, give us a call on

About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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