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In an age when we are bombarded with communication, we are discerning about what we will give our fleeting spare moments to. Commercial TV survives by thrusting ads at us, as does commercial radio.

After a while, we tend to tune out because we are interested in what we want. Not what they want to push on us.

When you engage with your community – your current clients, your suppliers and your prospective clients, do you push your sales message onto them or do you engage with them at a level that is of interest and of value to them?

I believe we quickly “switch channels” when we realize the message of the email, the YouTube video, the LinkedIn message or the Facebook post is “look what I have for you”. Of course, occasionally it will hit the mark when the stars align – a ready buyer and a matching product (ever notice how there are a lot more car ads on TV when you are looking to buy a car?). I digress.

Just like the real world, the online world is about building relationships. Establishing trust. Developing friendships.

I had separate conversations with two clients this week. Both are keen to get more work. That makes sense, they are in business. However, both are looking to do the selling rather than make the most of doing the telling. In different ways, they can both get in front of their target audience and promote their expertise. They both have extraordinary knowledge about their industries and plenty of interesting and valuable stories about their clients. There are heaps to share that will be of benefit to their community.

And in doing so, they can establish themselves as experts in their fields. They will appear more confident in their business and will attract more attention, rather than push away those who pick up on a sense of desperation about their message.

By sharing this interesting information they will be heard. If their stories are useful they will be shared. If their knowledge is clearly demonstrated they will be respected. And the business will come.

This all works to build a brand. Does your brand stand for quick let’s do it now! Or is it a matter of let’s get to know each a bit better before we take the next step?

For me, videos are always about the message. When some first-timers get excited about the technology, I know without a clear and useful message, it is all for naught. I encourage my clients to make their videos helpful and understand what they are trying to achieve. There certainly is a time to ask for what you want, but build the relationship first.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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