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Making videos takes time, creative energy and money. Sometimes I look at some beautiful videos and scratch my head wondering why was it made. It is easy to become caught up in the magic of the creative video process and lose your way.

The following five elements are essential for every video production strategy. Without addressing these your video will miss the mark, it may confuse your audience or it may simply be a waste of time and money.

1. Purpose:

I’m often still surprised when I ask clients what the purpose of their video is and they can’t answer. Having a video for a video sake, may keep us (Sonic Sight) in business, but it is not a great strategy for your organisation.

If you have a clear purpose, everything else will flow. Ideally you should be able to define your purpose so clearly, that there is a result attached to it that you can measure.

For example; we wish to increase enrolments by 10%
We want to raise $200,000
We want to get 300,000 views in two weeks to enhance our brand.

2. Audience:

Thinking your video will be suitable for everyone will lead to a video that resonates with no one. Be as specific as possible about your audience.

Are they CEOs? Are they CEOs in Australia, in Sydney, in construction, in the construction of tunnels? How exact can you be about the ideal audience for your video.

When you know exactly who you are talking to you can be much more focused on your message. You can get straight to the point if your audience already understands who you are and what you do.

People will pay more attention if they feel you are talking directly to them.

3. Message:

What is the key information you want to convey via the video? How concisely can you deliver this so it resonates with your audience and achieves the purpose? Avoid adding too much information which isn’t necessary.

Part of the skill of video production is trim away all the excess information until you have only the key details you require. Often I see clients who are too close to their own business and feel they need to explain everything they do and how they do it.

The audience doesn’t care. They want to know how you are going to help them. So the show the problem you solve and make it clear as quickly as possible.

4. Creative:

Avoid bland; there is a lot of noise out there. Your audience’s attention is a valuable resource. If you are fortunate enough to grab their attention then don’t blow the moment by boring them with a video that doesn’t engage. Avoid long animated logo openers. Your audience doesn’t care. If it goes for more than a few seconds, they’ll click away before the video even starts.

Look for ways to include energy, humour and surprises in your videos. Feel free to steal ideas from other videos that you like – let’s call it inspiration ☺

5. Distribution:

Every video strategy needs to have a clear plan on how the video will be seen in the market. There are plenty of ways to distribute your videos these days and just putting on your website is not enough. You need to lead people to the video. You need to be proactive in how you share it. Hoping people will just find it is like playing a video in a dark room on TV that is not connected to the power, while you are blindfolded.

Make it easy. Share your video on multiple platforms and find ways to get it in front of the audience you are talking to.


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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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