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If you are struggling with where to start with video production for your business, here are 30 different types of video you can make.

Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing.

1. Case study

Let your customer tell their story about how your business has transformed their life or their business. We love listening to stories and ones that sell your business for you are easy when you have a satisfied customer ready to talk.

2. Testimonial

Testimonials are a great way to build your credibility. People buy what other people are buying. Having a customer singing your praises will help generate more business.

3. Pitch video

Showcase your services by talking about the problems you solve for your customers. People buy to have something resolved so highlight how your solution will help your potential customer.

4. Process video

Explain how your service is delivered. Break it down into the relevant details your customer will want to know. How long does it take? What do they need to provide along the way to ensure the process flows smoothly?

5. 5 Mistakes to avoid

Demonstrate your expertise and help your clients by outlining common mistakes that happen around your service and how it affects your customers. What are the common mistakes you see your customers making? People love to learn from the errors of others.

6. Culture/philosophy

What makes your business what it is? What are your core beliefs? No longer is a unique selling proposition unique. What sets each business apart is its personality and attitude. What drives you and how does this benefit your customers?

7. Staff profile

Who are the experts you have on board that are part of the team? What are their stories? What drives them? What do they love about their work? In a digital world, these types of videos can help build rapport with the real people behind the scenes.

8. Product video

Showcase your product with a video that highlights not just its features but also its benefits. People don’t buy a drill so that they can turn it on. They actually want a hole – and ultimately they want to hang a picture on a wall. So what are the outcomes your product will provide to your customers?

9. How to use

Do you have some clever product? Then make it easy for people to buy by explaining in some detail how it works. The more comfortable people are with the product the more likely they will be to purchase.

10. Latest developments in your industry

Demonstrate your expertise by discussing the latest trends and developments in your industry. What’s coming next, what is now out of date? The more helpful you can be with your information the more highly regarded you will be in the industry.

11. FAQs

Do you have regular questions being asked? Prepare some answers to these in video format. This is ideal if the answers involve some kind of visual demonstration.

12. Presentations

Are you presenting to an audience? Then film the presentation and capture it for future audiences. You can package up the content and sell as an online course or break it up and distribute it as social media content.

 13. Recruitment video

Finding the right staff is critical to any successful business. Set the right tone and attract like-minded employees while at the same time weeding out the ones who know they won’t be a good fit.

14. Training videos

Keep your team up to date with training videos that provide the full information they need to do their work well.

15. Induction video

Make sure all the staff are on the same page by creating induction videos which deliver a consistent message each time.

16. Highlights of events

If your business is involved in a major event, then capture it on video. Depending on your role, it could help justify the spend, attract more sponsors for next year or be a great tribute to a major project.

17. Timelapse

Are you working on a project that would look cool if sped up? Then record a timelapse. This could be for the set up on a function space in a few hours through to a major construction over several weeks or months. Timelapse is always captivating.

18. Behind the scenes

We love to be able to see behind the scenes of projects and businesses. This provides an opportunity to build rapport with your audience as you show them the quality and controls you use to ensure a high-end result.

19. Product stories

How is your product being used in the marketplace? Show examples of different ways it is being used. This could be compiled from a set of skills and don’t forget to include to the funny or unusual ones.

20. Top tips

Share the love and your knowledge. Give out some great quality information that will help your audience. This will position you as a leader in your field and showcase your expertise. This is ideal for service providers who have plenty of valuable IP.

21. Explainer Video

These will generally explain a service or process and use animations. Animations are handy when there is a lack of suitable visual content to support the message. Explainer videos will highlight the benefit of the solution being offered.

22. CEO Presentation

If you are part of a larger organization then get the CEO to announce the big news or simply share regular updates on the direction of the business. This will help build trust and rapport.

23. Annual Report

The days of people reading through pages and pages of annual reports have been replaced with the digital version. Why not make it even more engaging and relevant by creating a video summary of the year? It will be much easier for people to watch and more people will know what it is happening and where you are heading.

24. Customer support

Are there some common problems your customers have with your product or service? Can you screen capture some online processes which explain how to navigate your web portal? What ways can you make it easier for your customers to be supported through video?

25. Exhibition video

An exhibition video is a lot like a promotional video except don’t expect people to listen to it very much. Often the person manning the exhibition gets sick of listening to it so they turn the sound down. So make sure you use plenty of rich visuals and include text and graphics to tell the story.

26. Community Relations

Is your company supporting a group in the community? Tell the story about them. Don’t make it about you. At the end you can include a tagline – XYZ Company is proud to support ABC Charity, but leave it to that. The more you can make it about the story of the community group, the more watchable it will be.

27. Event takeaways

What are the key actions delegates will take following their attendance at a conference or event.

 28. Award submission

Submitting for an award? Boost your chances with a compelling video that answers all the key questions required in the submission.

 29. Success stories

How have your customers had big wins because of your product or service?

30. Company story

How did your company get to be where it is today? What has been the journey? What were the highs and lows and what sustained you throughout? People love stories and this is a great way to gain customer engagement.


What have I forgotten? A video is a powerful way to position yourself as a leader in your field. How are you using it?

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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