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Producing videos for schools is a big part of Sonic Sight’s business. Two years ago, to help schools, I created a list of 30 Videos that they can make.

Further to that list here are another twelve ideas for school videos.

Create a video (or a series of videos) that speaks to the overarching values that the school aspires to. Showcase how that is being taught in action at the school and ideally how it is being realised in the lives of the alumni.

A lot of schools have impressive facilities. Showcasing the facilities can impress prospective families in regards to the opportunities available for their child.

If your school rents out your facilities then showcasing your spaces in action is great way to help sell the product.

Master Plan:
Are there changes ahead for the infrastructure of your school? Invariably as news of the plans leak throughout the community, different versions of what is happening will emerge. Create an overview video about the plan and control the message and explain what will be happening, why it is required and in what stages it will be developed.

This information could be delivered in stages. The first video might be an overview of the plan and subsequent videos can delve into more detail about each stage. This will help bring the community along the journey throughout all the commotion and construction.

Also once a building or stage is completed create a video to showcase the new environment. This is important for the general community and vital for the donors.

Social Justice stories:
How are your students learning about social justice? Are they going on immersions or providing community service locally? Tell the stories about the journeys they go on and the impact and insights they have gained from these experiences.

A Parent’s Perspective:
In some schools the support and community provided by the parent network is highly valued. Hearing from parents allows prospective families to understand what life at this school will be like for them.

This can outline the ways parents are connected and also how parents see the support given to their child from the school staff. This can be very a powerful insight into a school because it is not being delivered by the school, but rather from the customers.

Performing Arts:
Showcase the opportunities for the students to express themselves through the Performing Arts at your school. Don’t forget to include the behind the scenes roles such as costumes, sound and lighting and hair and makeup.

Teaching Philosophy:
Is there a teaching philosophy or specific education model that sets your school apart? Outline why you are using this model and how it helps the students.

Fete Highlights:
If your school is raising money through a fete then this looks great on video. There is plenty of colour, fun and activity that captures the spirit of the school community.

Welcome to the New Year:
This video can welcome new and current families to the new school year. It can outline what to expect this year and it is also an ideal time to reflect on the academic success of the students from the previous year.

Ex-Students Association:
Outline what your ex-students organisation gets up to. Is it providing ways to help the community, organising gatherings, supporting bursaries? Share the stories and inform the alumni about ways they can stay connected to the school and support the campaigns.

Overseas Market:
Are you looking to attract families from overseas? This video will need to focus on some of the issues that might be of concern for families abroad. Highlighting the safety of Australia could be very important. You would also want to feature the specific benefits of the location as well as the learning experience you can provide the children. Depending on where you are targeting you might need to address language support and specific cultural issues.

Onboarding Families:
Make new families feel welcome by outlining the key information they need to know to settle into the world of a new school. Where is the uniform shop? How does the parent portal work? What to do if your child is sick? Where to find information about sport, bus routes, parent groups, social activities? What healthy food is being served at the canteen? What is the anti-bullying policy? How can parents get involved in the school?

This is an opportunity to ensure the parents and students are on the same page at the start of the school experience.

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About Geoff Anderson

About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and has been producing videos for 30 years. He is an author, presenter as well as a video producer.

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