Video Roadmapping


Video production can be an expensive process, especially if it is not done well. Without a clear strategy you can end up producing videos which don’t engage your audience, don’t achieve your goals and wander around with a sinking feeling of having wasted your money.

Our video roadmapping session ensures your video strategy is on track and heading in the right direction from the start.

Many videos go off the rails before they have even started owing to a poorly thought out strategy, a message that is not aligned with the audience and a lack of clarity about what is to be achieved from the video.


It’s tempting to shop around for some video production services. Unless you know any better all you have to compare is the price. However having some footage shot that meets your budget is not the same as having an effective video that achieves your goals. The price may even be the same, but the outcome may be a world of difference.



Our consultation process involves a meeting (in person, on the phone or via Skype) and is followed with a detailed strategy document that we prepare.
During the session we will explore what you are trying to achieve and what you need to do to get there. We will delve into the marketing options for your organisation and what your next steps should be.



Our process explores three stages: STRATEGY, PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION


Step 1 is to determine the strategy for your organisation. What are the key messages, who is the audience and what is the best way to engage them? What are you trying to achieve? Is video actually what you need? If it is, we will explore what videos are required and how they would work for your campaign.


Step 2 is to determine how the videos should look and what is the most appropriate style of production. Is it an animation, an interview, an acted performance, a scripted video or something else? By understanding budget limitations we can advise the most effective solution for your needs.


Having a video is of no value if it is not seen. As part of our strategy we will explore the best ways to distribute your video so that it connects with your target audience.


Video Roadmap


With this video roadmap you will have clear strategies in regards to:

  • What type of video(s) will deliver the best impact
  • The appropriate style of video for your project
  • Creative concepts to capture your audience’s attention
  • Clarity around your message and your audience
  • A production timeline with clear deadlines
  • A production process that streamlines costs to deliver maximum value
  • A distribution plan to ensure your video is seen beyond just the website
  • A production budget designed to avoid unnecessary costs


You will receive:

  • A clear action plan of what steps to take,
  • 5 x tips on how to save money during the production process
  • Examples of the styles of videos that would work for your situation
  • 30 ways to distribute your videos


Shoot Me Now
You’ll also receive a personalised copy of my best selling book: Shoot Me Now – making videos to boost business.


Geoff Anderson has been producing videos since the early 1990s. He has produced thousands of videos and has a wealth of experience and creativity to bring to your project.


“Geoff’s passion for what he does and his knowledge of what kind of content will help in this new era of content marketing strategy is exemplary.”

  • James Forbes, Nature Conservation Trust

“He is exceptional at interpreting a client’s brief and delivering beyond expectation. Geoff’s experience pays dividends to any client, and his grasp and access to available and emerging technologies makes Geoff an excellent supplier of communication services.”

  • Tim Stackpool, Media Personality

“Geoff is a gifted, talented and compassionate gentlemen who has become a much trusted extension of our marketing and community relations team. ”

  • Deanne O’Shea, Head of Marketing, Ravenswood School for Girls

“We were very impressed with Geoff’s ability to understand our culture, organisation and industry. His creativity and professional experience comes shining through delivering a powerful message. ”

  • Geri Radzim, Director of Marketing and Sales, ART PETRUS S.A.R.L.


The cost for this video roadmapping session is only $900 + GST.

If, after receiving our video roadmap, you choose to proceed with our services then this cost is deducted from our production budget.

If you wish to pursue your video production using another provider then the content in the video roadmap is yours to use, as you deem appropriate.

To book in a video roadmapping session call me, Geoff Anderson a call on 0419 244 447.


Call Geoff Anderson on 0419 244 447, or send an email to start the conversation.