If a video plays in the forest and no one sees it …

Video is the short cut to building trust and rapport online. It’s the quickest way to explain complex concepts and inform your audience. It generates connection and sales.

But if your video is not seen or hardly seen, what’s the point? What’s the point if the right font was used, or the captions are paced perfectly or the actor’s 10th take was the best one?

Of course your video should be good and enhance your brand, but that is just one step in the process. Without a clear distribution strategy it is all for little or no return in investment.

From the beginning of your video strategy you need to know how you will show your video, who is the target audience and when to distribute it.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your video is seen is to embed the link to it in your email signature. If it is a link to a YouTube video then this will play within any Gmail or Google app emails.

It is easy to do this and it is worth considering rotating your videos every month or so. People won’t always click on your link to your video the first time around, but over time they will be curious enough to click on it.

Ideally also include a captivating thumbnail to capture people’s attention about the link. This idea works brilliantly for time sensitive content. If you have an upcoming event then use the video during the lead up.

Embedding videos in your email signature is just one of my 30 Ways to share your videos. I’ve also created a list of 30 types of videos you can make to build your business and 30 ways to maximise your video return on investment.

Have a great day and keep making great videos.

Video marketing strategy

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