The domination of Facebook video

Videos are the clear winners when seeking engagement on Facebook according to a recent report by Buzzsumo.

After analysing 100 million Facebook videos published over the last 12 months, they have a huge chunk of data that reveals some useful insights.

Unsurprisingly (well for me anyway), people engage with video than any other form of content. Video is ahead of photos, links and status updates in that order.


It appears that food videos are twice as popular as the runner up which is fashion and beauty. Coming in close behind that in third and fourth place is Animals (Pets) and DIY topics. Humorous videos come in fifth place for the most popular topics.


The ideal length of a video is around 60-90 seconds. This tends to get the best interaction. After 90 seconds the average engagement fell as the video length increased until around 6 minutes when the engagement remained constant. Interesting videos below 30 seconds in duration attracted the lowest engagement on average overall. So the days of the 30 TVC might be numbered.


If you are using Facebook live as your video format of choice then you probably know you need to allow some time at the start of the video to build the audience. It appears that engagement keeps increasing as the duration extends up to about 15 minutes. At this point it settles down and remains fairly constant.

The top performing 10,000 Facebook live videos that were analysed were 20 minutes long on average. Top performing videos didn’t have extensive text to explain what the video was about. The average was only 84 characters. Essentially keep it short and to the point and allow people to dive into watching the video.


So yep, video is getting traction. Keep them punchy, around 60-90 seconds is ideal, unless you are posting a live video, where you can go into more detail and engage with the audience.

And if you really want to craft the perfect shareable and engaging video film your pet, wearing the latest fashion while he shows us how to prepare a meal. And make it funny.

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