Five videos your school can make

Video is recognised as the leading form of online content. As you connect with your school families and community you can create greater engagement if you have impressive videos.

Here are five videos you should consider for your school:

1. Welcome video

The Principal of the school sets the tone and expectations for families. A welcome video from the Principal is a great way to give an insight into the character of the person leading the school. Welcome videos can also feature the students of the school espousing the virtues of attending there.

2. Alumni Stories

Alumni from a school are a testament to the values and opportunities provided from a school. They are the examples of what is possible through an education at the school. Alumni stories are also a way to engage other alumni about the merits of their school.

3. Event promotion

Attract more engagement for your major events with a compelling video. Videos can vividly capture the spirit and energy of an event. It can leave viewers motivated to take action and lock in their attendance. This is easier if you have already filmed the event in preceding years. Of course by filming an event you can showcase sponsors as well as show highlights.

4. Staff culture

What are the expectations and values you expect from the staff? Create a staff culture video that demonstrates how staff can contribute to the school and what is to be expected. This is a great resource to show new and potential staff. Use it on the school’s LinkedIn page to attract the right calibre candidates and weed out the ones who aren’t a good fit.

5. What to expect

Starting at a new school can be a daunting experience for young students. A warm and friendly welcoming video from the students outlining what to expect in the first few days is a great way to put new students at ease. It can capture the spirit of the school and explain what will happen in language that the new students will understand. At the same time it can be used to showcase some of the grounds and facilities of the school. Although targeted at the new students this type of video is ideal for parents to gain an understanding of the culture of the school for their child.

If you find these suggestions helpful then you might want to check out my list of 30 videos your school can make as well as 30 ways to share your videos and 30 ways to maximise your video return on investment.

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