Video is one of the most powerful ways
to connect with your target market.

Video Production Sydney, Corporate Video Production Sydney

Good business videos have a clear target audience in mind, they demonstrate the end benefits of the product (not just the features) and they are concise with their message. When done well, they attract more of your ideal clients.

Business videos are no longer a nice to have in online marketing, they are now essential.

For over 20 years we’ve been helping businesses enhance their credibility with engaging videos. Video is an essential tool for engaging new and existing customers and building your community. Are you using it as well as you can and attracting your ideal clients?

Our clients love working with us and some have been with us since we started in 1993 and we keep acquiring others who not only stay with us, but are also happy to refer others.
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Sample Projects

Video Production

With 20 years experience and having worked with some of largest companies in Australia, Sonic Sight is able to produce powerful videos on budget and on time.

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Promotional Video

The latest resource shows that 85% of people who watch a product video will proceed to purchase.It is now easier than ever to be seen in front of your target market. Promotional videos allow your prospects to understand what you do before you even meet them.

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Training Videos

Never before has it been easier to ensure your team receive consistent training and information. Online videos provide an ideal way to pass on your knowledge in a controlled effective manner.

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Engaging the Community

Our vibrant video documentaries aimed at educating and engaging the community about important community infrastructure. Online video is quickly becoming the number one way to share information, excite the community and showcase a product or service.

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